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  Eczema? Dermatitis? Psoriasis? 

Due to FDA rules we cannot advertise the complete success our skin therapy is having in the lives of 100% of eczema sufferers who use it.  We are patented, but that is as far as we can go with the government and their regulations.

We want FDA approval.  Because this is an all-natural product, the FDA says they have no jurisdiction over it - there is no 'active ingredient' - therefore it is considered a cosmetic.  But that doesn't stop them from denying the millions of people suffering from eczema, seborrhea, dermatitis, and some with psoriasis the opportunity of getting information about Shaver's Choice.  It is a classic bureaucratic Catch-22 and they really don't care if the consumer is suffering or not. 

The fact is that 100% of people who come to us (and it is in the hundreds) and ask for something to give them relief from eczema tell us that within a week their symptoms are gone.  We do not claim to cure eczema, but we can help you control your dry, flakey, itchy skin.  Email a friend about Smooth! Skin Therapy.

Psoriasis is a different animal altogether.  Only 60% of psoriasis sufferers we have tracked have completely cleared up their symptoms.  All are getting relief from the itching, but we have not been able to clear up the visual symptoms completely in all cases.

Ingredients:  Petrolatum, Wheat Germ Oil, Mink Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Oat Kernel Flour, Retinol (Vitamin A), and Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

One of my daughters uses the skin therapy on a rash (eczema or dermatitis) that she gets on her arms, hands and behind her knees and it works wonders. We tried all kinds of different lotions and medications to help relieve her problem, but nothing has worked as well as Shavers Choice. Her doctor told her to give it a try after another one of his patients told him how well it worked for her. I just wanted to let you know that it works for other things and to say ……Thanks.

J Woodward, Jackson, MS

This product is a blessing.  I have been getting blemishes on my back and legs.  Your product cleared them up in less than a week.

C. Handley, Hodgenville, KY

I don't usually get real excited over most products, but you have got to know this!  I first bought your product for my son's foot itch but have since bought more just to have it in every room in our house.  The Skin Saver has been used at our house for bug bites, burns, poison ivy, and eczema/dermatitis.  Lately our dog has been scratching all the time creating an open sore on his neck - I thought, "why not?"  After a single application, he stopped scratching and within 3 days you could hardly tell there was a wound.  Truly amazing products!

R. Gunn, Flora, MS

The products are great - it's (Shaver's Choice After Shave Skin Therapy) greatly improved my husband's acne and ingrown hair bumps on his face and back...it's also improved areas that are prone to chafing...the thigh area and cleared up those bumps.  I'm now using The Skin Saver for itchy skin - I'm a mosquito magnet and itch like crazy - and for dry skin.

Anonymous, Emeryville, CA

I had an area on my finger that itched constantly.  I tried prescriptions from my dermatologists and he even burned the area but it continued to itch.  I used your cream and it immediately stopped itching and has not bothered me since.  Anytime my husband or myself has dry skin, an itch or sunburn we use your cream and the problem is resolved instantly. 
The best part about the cream is it is not greasy at all.  I never have to worry about getting it on my clothes.

D. Bullock, Brandon, MS

I was given a sample jar of The Skin Saver (now Smooth! Skin Therapy) because I have been having problems with eczema. I recently went to a Dermatologist for a rash that keeps reoccurring on my eyelids. He said it was a form of eczema and there was no cure. He gave me a prescription for a hydrocortisone cream and told me to keep it on my eyelids. I started using the Skin Saver several months ago and I use it every night just like a night cream. My eczema has cleared up and has not returned since I started using the product. It is great and I highly recommend it to others with the same problem.

L. Nash, MSgt, USAF

My mom tells me I’ve had eczema from the day I was born. I am 13 years old and cannot remember when my arms didn't itch and burn. My mom brought home a product that given to her by a co-worker and asked me to try it. After the second time I used it, the itching was gone. After a couple of weeks, the patches of eczema on my arms had reduced from several inches above and below the inside of my elbows to the size of a quarter. I no longer have to use the product, because my eczema is gone! For the first time, my arms look like the other kids.

L. Sampson, Terry, MS

My daughter is 11 years old and has had a severe case of eczema since birth. Our physician has prescribed Elocon and told us to use Eucern, Cortisone and Aquaphor. Nothing has helped until a coworker recommended your product. Since she has been using this cream, her skin is clear of the rash. 

It has been 7 months now and we have not seen any side effects or problems. My only recommendation is that you package it in a larger jar. I would challenge everyone who has experienced a skin disorder to use this cream at least once. As a result of the Skin Saver, we have fewer doctor bills. 

T. Smith, Jackson, MS 

I heard of some of the successes people have had with other skin problems, so one night, I picked up your product and applied it to the  to the psoriasis on my feet.  Rheumatoid arthritis had caused cracking and bleeding for over two years.  Within four days, the cracks were healed and at the end of two weeks my feet looked like normal again.  I will never again be without it.

E. Lea, Clearwater, FL

My grass allergies cause me to break out in sores and leave scars. After using your product twice a day for 4 days, my sores healed and the scars faded. Without your product, the sores came back.

H. Purvis, Yazoo City, MS

I recently developed eczema on the back of my neck. I used Skin Saver for 3 days and it completely disappeared. I later used it on poison ivy and it completely got rid of the itch. 

J. Muse, Jackson, MS

A few months ago, my 79-year-old mother developed a severe case of eczema all over her back.  She said the pain and itch made her want to jump and run and scream to the point that she couldn't sleep at night.  After finding the Skin Saver at a local drugstore, her itching and skin lesions have disappeared.

T. Slawson, Brandon, MS

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